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Who should I call in an emergency?

In any medical, fire or police emergency, always dial 9-1-1 immediately.

How much does Membership cost?

As a FIREMED member, you and your entire household receive emergency ambulance service without having to pay any out-of-pocket expenses after insurance billing for only $75 per year. As a AirMedCare Network member, all costs for emergency air transport are covered should be flown by REACH, Cal-Ore Lifeflight, AirLink CCT or any other AMCN provider. You pay zero out-of-pocket after insurance billing for only $168 per year.

Who is eligible for Membership?

As a FIREMED member, all permanent residents of a single-occupancy, non-commercial household are covered under one membership. In addition, students living at the same address for at least 2 months of each year also receive FIREMED benefits. AMCN memberships are sold on a ‘per household’ basis, meaning everyone living in the domicile is covered, regardless of relationship. In addition, college-attending children are counted as household members as long as they are undergrads attending full-time and their primary residence is still with the parent/guardian. The definition of an undergraduate is: a student at a college or university who has not yet earned a bachelor’s or equivalent degree.

What are the membership services?

As a FIREMED member, you and your household receive the following: emergency treatment and transportation, paramedic rescue, and travel coverage within our coverage area. As a AMCN member, you and your household are covered for any emergency air ambulance transports, including scene calls and hospital to hospital transports, when flown by any AMCN provider. Emergent organ transplant transports are included.

Who determines if I go by ground or air?

911 is contacted. 911/local EMS will determine whether the medical emergency requires air ambulance transportation and dispatch according to protocol. Patients are then transported to the nearest appropriate medical facility for conditions deemed by attending medical professionals to be life or limb threatening. Patients may be transported by both ground and air when deemed medically necessary.

What is the local coverage area?

Most residents in central Douglas County are eligible for FIREMED membership. Call (541) 440-3806 for more information.
REACH Air Medical Services is your local air ambulance provider based at the Roseburg Airport. Importantly, your membership is valid in all of our service areas so you are covered while traveling in those areas.

I have insurance, do I need membership?

Although you do not have to be a member to be transported, membership offers several important benefits: When a FIREMED member uses the ambulance service, we will bill any insurance coverage providing medical benefits that they may have. First, as one of more than 3.4 million members, AirMedCare Network Providers will work on your behalf with your benefits provider to secure payment for your flight, with any uncovered amounts considered to be fully prepaid. As such, members who are transported by AirMedCare Network will not receive a bill for the flight. If they determine air medical transport is needed, and they dispatch one of our ambulance providers, your membership will provide coverage.

When can I enroll in FireMed?

In order to keep administrative costs down so that we can maximize the amount of funds to improve and upgrade emergency services, we sponsor an open enrollment period once a year during May – July. Although, you can join any time during the year, all FIREMED and FIREMED + AMCN memberships expires June 30 of the enrollment year.

Am I covered when I am traveling out of town?

In cooperation with other agencies, FIREMED membership is honored in most of Oregon. Accidents and critical illnesses can happen anywhere, anytime and they are never planned. AMCN has more than 320 locations across 38 states and is the largest air ambulance membership program in the US.
Click here for a map of coverage areas.

How do I join?

You can become a FIREMED or FIREMED + REACH member by filling out our online enrollment form, by downloading the application and mailing it with your check or we will be glad to mail you an application by calling (541) 440-3806.

When does my membership start?

Your FIREMED membership becomes effective 3 business days after being received at our office. Your AMCN membership starts 15 days after the Company receives a complete application with full payment; however, the waiting period will be waived for unforeseen events occurring during such time.


If you have other questions regarding FIREMED or FIREMED + AMCN, visit our office at 1290 NE Cedar St., Roseburg or call us at (541) 440-3806.
Your local REACH Membership Manager, Sara Cyr, can be reached at (541) 520-5128 or